MyGelm: One year Anniversary

September 15th, today marks the one year anniversary of my inspirational book release (MyGelm): My God Even in the Last Minute. How fast a year has gone by, but ever so fresh the thoughts behind the writing of MyGelm are. It brings me to say that the making of MyGelm still stands true today, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

In spite of  the evil in the world, I am sure you can recall moments when God showed up for you in the last minute, maybe comforted you during your pain or granted you wisdom on the next step to take. MyGelm narrates how I triumph over adversity, discusses life experiences of steps taken to maintain peace during the storm or/and while you wait on a response. I am still taken aback by the words of MyGelm that it continuously makes a positive difference in my life. To read other opinions of MyGelm, please check out the reviews on Amazon.

A shout out of appreciation to all my friends and family that bought my book and shared the message. MyGelm is still very much available for purchase, in Nigeria at the NaijaSistas Book-Stop in Lagos, in the U.S (paperback and eBook format) on Amazon and my website, Hang on friends, God can turn our situations from being bitter to better, problems to possibilities, trials to testimonies, a victim to a victor, a setback to a setup, a mistake to a masterpiece and lastly adversity to university of lesson learned.

So I leave you with the words from a Chinese proverb: “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” This might very well be the beginning of a book in the making for you……. Cheers!!!

The Dawn Of A Season

Summer is almost over,
Summer Camp was fun and exciting.
I made new friends and acquaintances
The memories will be with me forever.

My imagination flies through my mind,
The butterfly slowly perches on the window ledge
School open in the next with lots of knowledge
The excitement in the air is simply palpable.

The Sun smiled down all summer,
We sweated and welted to the swimming pool,
The trees in the fields provided a great shade of comfort
Ensuring I stay sane through it all.

Summer was Fun while it lasted.
All the things I dreamt of are falling in shape.
The leaves will soon change its color
Falling slowly to the earth in unison.

I did more reading this summer,
A book a day keeps Illiteracy at bay
I remember the time spent at San Francisco Bay.
Staring at the Golden Bridge with awe and admiration.

I have my new clothes and school supplies
My bag pack is new and heavy,
It makes me wonder what truly lies ahead
I will always remember the summer of Open Doors.

©2011. Muyiwa Babalola

Summer Breeze

The snow has melted.                                                     
The brown leaves are green again!
The Birds have begun to fly and sing sweet tones,
My mind is imagining again,
It’s time for the Summer Breeze.

I feel the heat and the wind have lost its cool.
The kids and the neighborhood pets are out of school.
The additions and subtractions are long forgotten,
The History lessons are all begotten.
I try to remember but I have a brain freeze.

I step outside for a while,
The heat is unkind to my hide.
The children are indoors playing hide and seek,
Grown-ups are silently sipping a cold shake.

The fourth of July is around the corner
The grill is washed and dried by the owner
Fish, corn, steak and Lamb chops are
Seasoned with salt, spices and Onions,
The oil slowly drains from the tired Fat
Hunger pangs increase as I Adjust my Hat.

The lawn is green and lush.
My mower slowly roars back to life:
I survey the yard with painstaking alarm!
The weeds beg for mercy to no avail.
It’s time for weekly grass haircut.

The creek is drying up!
The farmer knows that without rain,
His crops will wither and fail:
His countenance is Crooked and frail,
The only hope is the erratic Thunderstorm.

Summer Camps are busy again,
The staff has to keep up the Tempo,
Fieldtrips to the Zoo and the Fire stations
Slowly translates into stories with summer legs.

The Sun shines down beautifully,
The Glow is all but magical
How could something so far away,
Have such wonderful summer breeze?
I beam and smile and my worries sleep.
As I remind myself it’s just the annual summer breeze.

© 2011 Muyiwa Babalola

Just Bloom

Once upon a time, I always complained
About all the reasons for lagging behind
Laying all the pain at the foothills of excuses
Such as doubts, others and destiny
Searching everywhere except the image in the mirror.

Always in thoughts and often depressed
I opined that the reasons were beyond my reach
Confidence slowly ebbed away and despondency set in
I starred a lot, wondered often, but never attained

Giving into all the naysayers
I simply threw in the towel
The sky always looked dark
My talents were kept out of sight

I reflected on the passage of time
Failing to realize the fault was mostly mine
Throwing away seeds and talents, dreams and plans
I looked the other way in search of the prize
The seeds, talents, dreams and plans
Were the nuggets of the prizes I sought all along

Then one faithful day I asked why?
It struck me that I never tried to harness the wind
The opportunities lay bare and often overlooked
Relationships I never bothered to nurture
Where do I go from here and what do I do?

I will leverage my strength and vision
Throwing away the blame and blooming instead
I wake up my inalienable talents
The passions within me begin to boil
I channel the energy toward my objective

I reminisce about the journey of the seed
Thrown into a hole and often forgotten
Covered up with earth, worms and the warmth of the sun
It dies and then it slowly blooms
Like the force of Nature, it emerges after birthing pains and celebrate life.

In time, it blooms with vibrant colors
Lovely flowers and deeper roots
Beautifying the landscape with the splash of life
Turning a dying moment into a living moment.

The time for excuses are over
I choose to step out of my shell
Moving slowly toward the Tunnel of lights
Following the path laid toward my vision
No matter how long or the failed attempts
I do it over and over again

I fortify myself with a winning team
I search for the best and leave the rest
We strive toward a common goal
Settling for nothing except Success
Arise, dust away the failures and bloom.

© 2011. Muyiwa Babalola.

The Making of a Mother

I saw you transform before my eyes.
Sleepless nights and Countless sacrifices
For the ones you love and those you hold dear.
You are so sweet and gentle and now that am grown,
I have come full circle in noting and appreciating,
We witnessed in amazement the extent of your selfless love.

You spent years on bended knees it seems,
Praying and waiting on the Lord for the same request,
Unwavering in your quest and unashamed in your zeal.
I wondered sometimes, if you’ll call it a day and give up.
Instead, I saw the fervor of your steam engine roar stronger
Heading toward a safe destination for your Children.

It was not always easy at the place you called home.
You mothered all the children, both young and Old.
Somehow, you steered us all away from the pitfalls,
Shepherding us away from the Hungry Lions roaming in the wild.
At times we were lost, but your firm and gentle hands found a way.

There is no way, I can forget you sweet mother.
You will always be the star that shines brightest in the midnight sky
My memories of the pearls of wisdom still guide me today,
Fear the Lord, Love always, strive the hardest and keep a good name.
It’s much better than silver or gold.

I love you so much dear mother.
Your blood flows within my veins and it moves me.
You bought less, so we could have more.
The nest you built, still remains in our heart today,
It wasn’t built out of brick or wood but love and devotion.

You never seemed to grow tired of us.
Everyday offered a new challenge, which you took in stride
If I was sick, you were there with medicine in hand and a kind heart
Your touch and voice was better than the best physician
The aroma of your presence nurtured me back to health.

It wasn’t always easy in the place we called home.
I heard quarrels and arguments behind the door
There were times when we did not have enough,
With your magic touch, we seldom went to sleep hungry.
Coping sometimes with the death of a loved one.
Through it all, I saw you transform into a beautiful rose.
Words cannot describe today the love I Have for you.
Money cannot replace or repay the sacrifice you gave.
Although I reside in a far away land,
Your voice rings true everyday whispering ever so gently,
“Fear the Lord, run away from what is evil and a good name,
Is better than silver or Gold.
I love you Mama, you will always be the Queen of my heart.

© 2011. Muyiwa Babalola.

The Crown of Thorns

Even in His weakness, He was the Strongest.
Submission to the point of Death
He gravitated toward the Fire with a firm assurance
The spear pierced His side and shed blood
For the lost and the forgotten
He gave His all for us all.

We enjoy a point of Grace
That has no measure or Comparison
All the religions and masters of the world
Simply pale at the extent of His sacrifice.

I am amazed at the level of His restraint
Possessing all the power and might
He aligned with the Heavenly Father
Laying it all on the cross of Calvary
Paving the way for an eternity of forgiveness.

What does this season mean to me?
There is no sacrifice too big for the savior
No assignment too strenuous to be heeded
At His name all Humanity bows and reckons.

We have been snatched from the grips of Death
Delivered from the attraction of the flesh
Counting on the promises of the heavenly Palace
The place of victory and peace
An abode of everlasting worship and praise
Just because he chose to give it all at the cross.

Death has no hold on my savior.
Held in a cave for three days
He slept and triumphantly rose up on the third
Signaling that He had power over Death
Bridging the gap between the Heavenly Father and me.

© 2011 Muyiwa Babalola

March into Greatness


There is a shadow behind me
The past that hovers and clouds my horizon
Resolutions I made in times past
At the beginning of a new year

There is nothing sweeter than the sounds of spring
The winter is ebbing and the sky is beautiful
The grass slowly changes from the colors of brass to luscious green
Hibernation slowly comes to an end
The time to plant new seeds has come

A time for the greatest beginning
A time to pause and march into the vacuum of greatness
To chase the dreams of my collective destiny
I dive into the abyss of faith
I alight into the vision of a new dawn

Out with the old and in with the new
I change my attire and free myself of the collective weight
My elbows are free to express the enterprise I hold dear
The invention in me screams for a natural birth
The pain might be great but the joy knows no bounds
Ideas freely expressed, naturally conceived

The might within my soul has arisen
I rise to catch the silver lining in my cloud
I have been to the mountain top
I dear not stop, I press unto great things stored
At the corner of the rainbow leading to the pot of gold

I march into the greatness I was created for
I latch unto the highway of my success
The valleys and mountains, failures and gorges stop me not.
I breathe the fresh air of creativity
It digests every doubt or fear stored within
My nucleus explodes into a Pandora of purpose

I spring forth and march into the greatness of my time
The flowers bloom and the scents are beautiful
The butterflies sense what is slowly becoming
The lilies of the valley slowly populate the landscape
The bare branches bring forth the seeds for the new season

My latter shall be greater than my former.
I am a child of destiny, a child of purpose
I have a divine nature and I exhibit my kind
I march into the greatness of time
I march into the greatness of my time

© 2011 Muyiwa Babalola.

The Love that Once Was

They said, it would last for ever.
A match made in heaven.
Our personalities reminiscent of the story of Cupid
It happened to be a big bubble pricked by the reality of time.

I can love.
I have the capacity to love.
I want to be loved, held, and appreciated.
To love is to be loved.
For you to love, you have to give.

Who are you?
What have you become?
What did I Do?
Who is to blame?
You stood taller than the Empire state Building
The majesty of your presence was a wonder to behold.

There was a time I was your sweetest Rose.
The One who makes your heart skip a beat.
The one who made your eyes twinkle with excitement.
I was the most beautiful woman on the Planet.
The one who moves to the sound of music,
The lady whose smile was like the Sun,
I was your comforter,
I was your friend.

I was the one you were devoted to,
I was joined to you at the Hip.
I was the second half of your heart.
You were the mighty one in my eyes.

You were so innocent, you could do no wrong.
You were patient and Kind,
Your touch was softer than the softest pillow,
You hug like you were my protector,
You words made my head spin in cycles.

You knew it and you teased me.
You reached into the very depth of my heart.
You ripped it apart with the words that were once magical.
Where has the love gone?

Our Love could still burn, it is never late to love.
We need to remember the promises we made to each other..
Wake up from your slumber and fan the embers of Love.

© 2011 By Muyiwa Babalola.

The Hourglass Begins

The Hourglass begins.
A new year begins
For some it’s the beginning of the rat race.
The bacon has been set and the rats are on the prowl.

For us it’s different.
We are the children of the most High.
Dedicated and consecrated for times like this.
Educated on the golden nuggets of Heaven
Charting our path with confident Ease.

I set goals for the New Year,
Not mine but His.
Lofty goals centered on His will,
Flying on the winds of the Almighty.

I am determined to rise.
Rising above the riddles of the time,
The chasms and the narrow edges of the tangled Web,
Tomorrow promises hope buoying me to safety.

Pains, heartaches, and disappointments,
Are left at the port of entry,
Bordering the passage way to a New Year
Sheltering the blessing that lie within.
I choose to rely on the whims of the Almighty

The hourglass slowly drips
Time once lost is ne’er regained
We simply guard the time that remains.
Redeeming the time with never faltering faith,
Herding me along the streams of living water.

I wait for the table laid before me,
Searching patiently at the graciousness of His goodness
I reminisce on the abundance of the Father.
Whatever it takes, I move closer to His gentle side.

My hands are below His and I Pause.
He is gentle and strong,
Man of war and captain of peace,
The Prince and the King,

I submit my thoughts to the inbox of Jehovah,
I wander what attachment I will receive with the mail.
No matter my lot, I know, it is well.
Happy New Year as the hourglass begins.

©2011, Muyiwa Babalola.

The Hark and the Heralds

The heralds are singing
The birth of our savior is here
Born in a Manger for you and I
Lowly lying with the sheep and hay

The kings brought gifts
To the King of Kings
Reigning Supreme in our lives
Living in our hearts and soul

Once a year, we celebrate
Something special, unique and pure
An event, more than a Thousand Old
The gift of a savior, gentle and pure

He was foretold in the book of the prophets
Announced by the angels, who knew the way
Blessed to save and heal before He was born
Set apart for special times as these

Mary and Joseph Knew of Him
How could He be, if we never knew each other?
Courted to marry, the marriage was still afar
Is He a source of joy or everlasting Joy?

Gifts are everywhere stacked to the sky
The seas glitter with the Christmas lights
The mood is proof of the event ahead
The birth of our savior Jesus Christ

Is He the Gift or the source of all Gifts?
Is He the Giver or the Given?
Does He give to get or get to give?
He is the giver and source of all we know

A Son of God, sent for a cause
To rid us of all our sin and shame
A bridge across the gulf of sin
Separating us from the love of the father

In the midst of the shopping
Stop to ask, what it is all about?
Is it really Santa or the heavenly Santa?
That made the season, so special and gracious

The kids are excited about the visit from the North
The Poles are cold and the snow is falling
The nuts are slowly roasting on the fire and cracking
The gifts are wrapped and under the Christmas tree

How about the gift He wrapped and gave to you?
The gift of healing and health
The gift of Miracles yet unknown
The gift of the breath of Life
The gift of the knowledge of His wisdom and love

As we bundle up and race the cards
Do we care to give to the Poor?
A smile or a dollar to spare?
Ask yourself, if you really have something to spare.

Celebrate Him daily
Every second minute and hour
In every thing you do and say
Your life should be a song of praise
To the king, who rules and reigns

The jingle bells are ringing
A most wonderful time of the year
It’s not about the gift, but the giver of all gifts
Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you in me.

Merry Christmas!!!

© 2010, Muyiwa Babalola.

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