An Offering of Thanksgiving

Once is never enough
Humanity tries to acquire all the gold
Until we discover the futility of the golden calf
We stretch our imagination and build countless dreams
Instead of looking unto the creator who rules and reigns Supreme

At the beginning of the year
I made resolutions I promised to keep
Breaking every single one as I went along
Staring at the futility, I rest in the one who is able

Many times I drive along the busy highways
Stringing through wide expanse of Tar
I change lanes and increase my speed
Waving through traffic and coming to a standstill
Hoping to arrive at the destination faster
I stop today, and realize, it was only by his Omnipotence

Our families are precious in his eyes
He made us a part and not apart
He imparted in us his word to abide
Seeking always to reside in his love

The latitude of our transgressions is far and wide
Where do we begin to take stock of our erring ways?
The lies we told and the hate we hold
Of all the creatures Almighty Jehovah made
He looks and laughs and forgives us all the same

The blessings He gave cannot be counted
The rain and the seeds are one of such reasons
We eat and drink and yet so many do without
The basics we have and take for granted
No matter your state or station give an offering of thanks
A reason to give thanks to the one who sees it all
For the joy of laughter
The gift of sadness
The aptitude for attitude
The reason for the season
The miles we walked

The opportunity for repentance
The accidents barely missed
The happiness of a newborn
The celebrations of milestones
The promotions and not demotions
The demotions and not cremations

The loss of a father and adoption of the heavenly father
The imaginations through a sound mind
The ability to breathe in the freshness of God
The hands to hold and to behold
The clock that ticks and order seems to exist

The world that is in flux and not reflux
The thoughts of goodness and loving-kindness
The fervent and effective prayers of brethren
The acknowledgement of the Omnipresence of his Eminence
The hope for a better and brighter tomorrow

I bow at his feet with an offering thanksgiving.

© 2010, Muyiwa Babalola