The Hark and the Heralds

The heralds are singing
The birth of our savior is here
Born in a Manger for you and I
Lowly lying with the sheep and hay

The kings brought gifts
To the King of Kings
Reigning Supreme in our lives
Living in our hearts and soul

Once a year, we celebrate
Something special, unique and pure
An event, more than a Thousand Old
The gift of a savior, gentle and pure

He was foretold in the book of the prophets
Announced by the angels, who knew the way
Blessed to save and heal before He was born
Set apart for special times as these

Mary and Joseph Knew of Him
How could He be, if we never knew each other?
Courted to marry, the marriage was still afar
Is He a source of joy or everlasting Joy?

Gifts are everywhere stacked to the sky
The seas glitter with the Christmas lights
The mood is proof of the event ahead
The birth of our savior Jesus Christ

Is He the Gift or the source of all Gifts?
Is He the Giver or the Given?
Does He give to get or get to give?
He is the giver and source of all we know

A Son of God, sent for a cause
To rid us of all our sin and shame
A bridge across the gulf of sin
Separating us from the love of the father

In the midst of the shopping
Stop to ask, what it is all about?
Is it really Santa or the heavenly Santa?
That made the season, so special and gracious

The kids are excited about the visit from the North
The Poles are cold and the snow is falling
The nuts are slowly roasting on the fire and cracking
The gifts are wrapped and under the Christmas tree

How about the gift He wrapped and gave to you?
The gift of healing and health
The gift of Miracles yet unknown
The gift of the breath of Life
The gift of the knowledge of His wisdom and love

As we bundle up and race the cards
Do we care to give to the Poor?
A smile or a dollar to spare?
Ask yourself, if you really have something to spare.

Celebrate Him daily
Every second minute and hour
In every thing you do and say
Your life should be a song of praise
To the king, who rules and reigns

The jingle bells are ringing
A most wonderful time of the year
It’s not about the gift, but the giver of all gifts
Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you in me.

Merry Christmas!!!

© 2010, Muyiwa Babalola.