The Hourglass Begins

The Hourglass begins.
A new year begins
For some it’s the beginning of the rat race.
The bacon has been set and the rats are on the prowl.

For us it’s different.
We are the children of the most High.
Dedicated and consecrated for times like this.
Educated on the golden nuggets of Heaven
Charting our path with confident Ease.

I set goals for the New Year,
Not mine but His.
Lofty goals centered on His will,
Flying on the winds of the Almighty.

I am determined to rise.
Rising above the riddles of the time,
The chasms and the narrow edges of the tangled Web,
Tomorrow promises hope buoying me to safety.

Pains, heartaches, and disappointments,
Are left at the port of entry,
Bordering the passage way to a New Year
Sheltering the blessing that lie within.
I choose to rely on the whims of the Almighty

The hourglass slowly drips
Time once lost is ne’er regained
We simply guard the time that remains.
Redeeming the time with never faltering faith,
Herding me along the streams of living water.

I wait for the table laid before me,
Searching patiently at the graciousness of His goodness
I reminisce on the abundance of the Father.
Whatever it takes, I move closer to His gentle side.

My hands are below His and I Pause.
He is gentle and strong,
Man of war and captain of peace,
The Prince and the King,

I submit my thoughts to the inbox of Jehovah,
I wander what attachment I will receive with the mail.
No matter my lot, I know, it is well.
Happy New Year as the hourglass begins.

©2011, Muyiwa Babalola.