The Crown of Thorns

Even in His weakness, He was the Strongest.
Submission to the point of Death
He gravitated toward the Fire with a firm assurance
The spear pierced His side and shed blood
For the lost and the forgotten
He gave His all for us all.

We enjoy a point of Grace
That has no measure or Comparison
All the religions and masters of the world
Simply pale at the extent of His sacrifice.

I am amazed at the level of His restraint
Possessing all the power and might
He aligned with the Heavenly Father
Laying it all on the cross of Calvary
Paving the way for an eternity of forgiveness.

What does this season mean to me?
There is no sacrifice too big for the savior
No assignment too strenuous to be heeded
At His name all Humanity bows and reckons.

We have been snatched from the grips of Death
Delivered from the attraction of the flesh
Counting on the promises of the heavenly Palace
The place of victory and peace
An abode of everlasting worship and praise
Just because he chose to give it all at the cross.

Death has no hold on my savior.
Held in a cave for three days
He slept and triumphantly rose up on the third
Signaling that He had power over Death
Bridging the gap between the Heavenly Father and me.

© 2011 Muyiwa Babalola

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lara Daniels
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 01:05:08

    Oh my! Beautiful poem expressing what our Saviour has done. Death indeed has no more hold on him, and better still is the fact that he has reconciled us to our heavenly Father…we are PLEASING to him.


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