The Making of a Mother

I saw you transform before my eyes.
Sleepless nights and Countless sacrifices
For the ones you love and those you hold dear.
You are so sweet and gentle and now that am grown,
I have come full circle in noting and appreciating,
We witnessed in amazement the extent of your selfless love.

You spent years on bended knees it seems,
Praying and waiting on the Lord for the same request,
Unwavering in your quest and unashamed in your zeal.
I wondered sometimes, if you’ll call it a day and give up.
Instead, I saw the fervor of your steam engine roar stronger
Heading toward a safe destination for your Children.

It was not always easy at the place you called home.
You mothered all the children, both young and Old.
Somehow, you steered us all away from the pitfalls,
Shepherding us away from the Hungry Lions roaming in the wild.
At times we were lost, but your firm and gentle hands found a way.

There is no way, I can forget you sweet mother.
You will always be the star that shines brightest in the midnight sky
My memories of the pearls of wisdom still guide me today,
Fear the Lord, Love always, strive the hardest and keep a good name.
It’s much better than silver or gold.

I love you so much dear mother.
Your blood flows within my veins and it moves me.
You bought less, so we could have more.
The nest you built, still remains in our heart today,
It wasn’t built out of brick or wood but love and devotion.

You never seemed to grow tired of us.
Everyday offered a new challenge, which you took in stride
If I was sick, you were there with medicine in hand and a kind heart
Your touch and voice was better than the best physician
The aroma of your presence nurtured me back to health.

It wasn’t always easy in the place we called home.
I heard quarrels and arguments behind the door
There were times when we did not have enough,
With your magic touch, we seldom went to sleep hungry.
Coping sometimes with the death of a loved one.
Through it all, I saw you transform into a beautiful rose.
Words cannot describe today the love I Have for you.
Money cannot replace or repay the sacrifice you gave.
Although I reside in a far away land,
Your voice rings true everyday whispering ever so gently,
“Fear the Lord, run away from what is evil and a good name,
Is better than silver or Gold.
I love you Mama, you will always be the Queen of my heart.

© 2011. Muyiwa Babalola.