Summer Breeze

The snow has melted.                                                     
The brown leaves are green again!
The Birds have begun to fly and sing sweet tones,
My mind is imagining again,
It’s time for the Summer Breeze.

I feel the heat and the wind have lost its cool.
The kids and the neighborhood pets are out of school.
The additions and subtractions are long forgotten,
The History lessons are all begotten.
I try to remember but I have a brain freeze.

I step outside for a while,
The heat is unkind to my hide.
The children are indoors playing hide and seek,
Grown-ups are silently sipping a cold shake.

The fourth of July is around the corner
The grill is washed and dried by the owner
Fish, corn, steak and Lamb chops are
Seasoned with salt, spices and Onions,
The oil slowly drains from the tired Fat
Hunger pangs increase as I Adjust my Hat.

The lawn is green and lush.
My mower slowly roars back to life:
I survey the yard with painstaking alarm!
The weeds beg for mercy to no avail.
It’s time for weekly grass haircut.

The creek is drying up!
The farmer knows that without rain,
His crops will wither and fail:
His countenance is Crooked and frail,
The only hope is the erratic Thunderstorm.

Summer Camps are busy again,
The staff has to keep up the Tempo,
Fieldtrips to the Zoo and the Fire stations
Slowly translates into stories with summer legs.

The Sun shines down beautifully,
The Glow is all but magical
How could something so far away,
Have such wonderful summer breeze?
I beam and smile and my worries sleep.
As I remind myself it’s just the annual summer breeze.

© 2011 Muyiwa Babalola

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