The Dawn Of A Season

Summer is almost over,
Summer Camp was fun and exciting.
I made new friends and acquaintances
The memories will be with me forever.

My imagination flies through my mind,
The butterfly slowly perches on the window ledge
School open in the next with lots of knowledge
The excitement in the air is simply palpable.

The Sun smiled down all summer,
We sweated and welted to the swimming pool,
The trees in the fields provided a great shade of comfort
Ensuring I stay sane through it all.

Summer was Fun while it lasted.
All the things I dreamt of are falling in shape.
The leaves will soon change its color
Falling slowly to the earth in unison.

I did more reading this summer,
A book a day keeps Illiteracy at bay
I remember the time spent at San Francisco Bay.
Staring at the Golden Bridge with awe and admiration.

I have my new clothes and school supplies
My bag pack is new and heavy,
It makes me wonder what truly lies ahead
I will always remember the summer of Open Doors.

©2011. Muyiwa Babalola