An Offering of Thanksgiving

Once is never enough
Humanity tries to acquire all the gold
Until we discover the futility of the golden calf
We stretch our imagination and build countless dreams
Instead of looking unto the creator who rules and reigns Supreme

At the beginning of the year
I made resolutions I promised to keep
Breaking every single one as I went along
Staring at the futility, I rest in the one who is able

Many times I drive along the busy highways
Stringing through wide expanse of Tar
I change lanes and increase my speed
Waving through traffic and coming to a standstill
Hoping to arrive at the destination faster
I stop today, and realize, it was only by his Omnipotence

Our families are precious in his eyes
He made us a part and not apart
He imparted in us his word to abide
Seeking always to reside in his love

The latitude of our transgressions is far and wide
Where do we begin to take stock of our erring ways?
The lies we told and the hate we hold
Of all the creatures Almighty Jehovah made
He looks and laughs and forgives us all the same

The blessings He gave cannot be counted
The rain and the seeds are one of such reasons
We eat and drink and yet so many do without
The basics we have and take for granted
No matter your state or station give an offering of thanks
A reason to give thanks to the one who sees it all
For the joy of laughter
The gift of sadness
The aptitude for attitude
The reason for the season
The miles we walked

The opportunity for repentance
The accidents barely missed
The happiness of a newborn
The celebrations of milestones
The promotions and not demotions
The demotions and not cremations

The loss of a father and adoption of the heavenly father
The imaginations through a sound mind
The ability to breathe in the freshness of God
The hands to hold and to behold
The clock that ticks and order seems to exist

The world that is in flux and not reflux
The thoughts of goodness and loving-kindness
The fervent and effective prayers of brethren
The acknowledgement of the Omnipresence of his Eminence
The hope for a better and brighter tomorrow

I bow at his feet with an offering thanksgiving.

© 2010, Muyiwa Babalola

Conflict Listening

We need to listen
It’s a need that is solely lacking
A lack of it breaks our home and ruins corporation
And separates a church from the parishioners.
Away to your tent and cast your lot
I wish we could zip it and sip it just for a second

A lack of it is a bane of government
Elected leaders vow to listen
To Capital hill they flock
They become tone- deaf around the block

The clock ticks, the kick comes and goes
We hope for the click
But it’s really nothing but a flick
We really are born to listen
To be calm and absorb all the sense
And make sense of all the noise
It’s not a game of cat and mouse
All because we do not listen

Samuel did it in the middle of the night
We can start when it’s nice and bright
When we do, we can fly as a kite
The bite is gone, my sight is clear.

It helps to build bridges
It mends broken relationships and lives
It alleviates the need for armed conflict
Listening crafts a new era of a rainbow fortification
Of divergent views and opinions
Collectively making us stronger as a Unit.

We climb walls and pull down strongholds
We tear the veil of confusion that envelopes
Creating fear and torment that cripples
It becomes a never-ending torrent of monosyllables
Which taken together, never sums up to a dialogue

I stand on the mountaintop of conscience
I run to the streams of eloquence
I borrow from the buckets of wisdom
I sip into the bowels of history
The unending cracks of opportunity

Listening is a sweet wall
The tall and adaptable grass
It waves and moves and bends as the wind blows
it bows, but rarely breaks at the gust of the Hurricane

The complete rhapsody of reason
The unending chasm of essence
It escapes the truism of reality
It’s blind to the call made on main street
All it seems to suggest is ‘this is my street’
A one way street.

To truly listen, you stop
Your eyes are fixed and steady
You assimilate and analyze
Not breaking in or interrupting
The streams slowly following its path
To the fields of fresh flowers ever blossoming
At the supply of the fresh waters of the valley of the monks.
Learn to listen.

Muyiwa Babalola copyright (C) 2010

I don’t want to

I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to sleep
I don’t want to go, I don’t want to nap
I don’t want to cry, I don’t want to go to bed
I don’t want to obey, I don’t want to drive
I don’t want to study, I don’t want to deliver
I don’t want to swim, I don’t want to dive
I don’t want to run, I don’t want to succeed
I don’t want to fail, I don’t want to learn
If that is the case, then you don’t want to flourish
Life is not about choices in denial,
But about choices that leads to a well-fulfilled life

I can imagine that it takes a lot to move
To slide towards the goal of the marksman
Flying and citing the goals that litter all around
Swaying to the sound of calypso in the soul
Ever prompting me to grab for the sky and hold the cloud
The witnesses that surround the shadows of fortitude
The spikes, piercing the softness of doubt
Never failing to leave a reminder that toil comes before the fame

He used to be me
He made a move and left the a trail
A choice to set aside the limitations of circumstances
The cover for those who seek but are just too meek
Figures are ever coming closer than I thought
In my head, I feel the roaster of the grind
The toaster-spewing out slices of ideas
Left untouched, hardened and misplaced
I guide myself to the paths of the unforgotten
Noting that no matter the task, all it asks is the first step.

Muyiwa Babalola copyright (C) 2010

The Beginning of A New Horizon

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in this world is? Are you just made to exist? I have pondered on these thought repeatedly, then finally the answer became so real to me.

I have a reason for being on planet earth and I don’t want to leave without fulfilling it. It can be for a small reason but if I am consistent and persistent, this small purpose can become a big one.

It can become significant enough to make a mark in some else’s life and subsequently in mine. You know, it is said that the richest place is in the cemetery. Why? Because lots of talents are buried there.

The same illustration goes for the kitchen sink which drains the most nutritious aspect of our meals. Imagine the sink having a field day with all the overcooked meals wasting away.

Let’s not waste our time and talents. We are all blessed with something so put it to use, somehow, somewhere and some day soon.

My gifted husband and I will team up together to provide monthly heartfelt poems and food for thought topics. Please join us as we deliberate on the different ways to make this world a better place to live.

We welcome your comments and healthy discussions.

Thank you and God bless.

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